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06/02/2020 - Yung Kong Co Bhd -  Vacancy *ABUS* Lock at Yung Kong *Protect the one you love* _Security Tech Germany_ 全亚洲 最突出 最有 Power 的 MAKITA 牧田招牌 i simply love Makita, it gives me flexibility, Power, Enjoyment. Makita电动工具 Get better productivity, efficiency with Makita 18V LXT Batteries Yung Kong Pending Department Roadshow 2019 Yung Kong Co Bhd - Department 榕光重建 Makita 电动工具,在砂拉越的信誉,以及扛起对用者和粉丝的责任 Sales Effort Awards Yung Kong Co Bhd - No. 1 Makita Cordless Professional Dealer in East Malaysia Lavor High Pressure Cleaner Makita Cordless Tools Stanley Irwin Trans Paint Lavor Lavor Pressure Gun Ramadan Promotion 2018 Trans Paint Trans Paint Plilips LED Fence & Mesh 3M Stanley Irwin Dulux Paint Promotion Makita Pressure Gun Pressure Gun Yung Kong Promotion